Hybrid DDoS Scrubbing

Integrated Hybrid DDoS Defenses are necessary for today’s service providers. The combination of On-Premises DDoS Defenses combined with Cloud DDoS Defenses eliminates all DDoS attacks targeting both customers and infrastructure.

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Managed WEB Apliaction Security

Offered as a Cloud Service, our latest Web Application Firewall (WAF) ready to serves as an essential part of any defense-in-depth security architecture by providing advanced inspection and specialized security for your web application layer.

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Security Solution Provider

As IT networks and operations becomes more complex, having to respond to cyber threats on a daily basis and the increasing need for speed in doing business, we remain focused to deliver IT security solutions that are practical but highly reliable.

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Do You Want To…

Protect your infrastructure from DDoS attack and  keep staying your customer online, Amandata  is a specialist DDoS mitigation company. We have large scale infrastructure and use a variety of technologies, including data scrubbing, and ready to serve you.

Protect your information assets and keep your security posture comply with international standard, Amandata is an expert in Cyber Security Solution. We have the latest world-class technology solution and expertise, and ready to help you.

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About us

Amandata is a leading cyber security services company that is based in Jakarta, Indonesia. We are in business to offering cyber security services – Scrubbing Center, for ISP or Enterprise customers. We provides revenue-protecting solutions to ensure the availability of your customers business. In turn, ensuring customer retention and a competitive differentiation in the face of DDoS attacks. If providers can defeat all DDoS attacks targeting their customers, they should be able to recognize a return on their investment for doing so. Not only can providers recognize new revenue streams by defeating DDoS attacks, they can also insure attacks do not impact their own infrastructures and their services as a side benefit.

Asides from our core Scrubbing Services, we also offer cyber security solution, consultancy, and training to keep your security posture achieve the compliance. Through each stage of the information security life cycle, our world-class cyber security solutions will help you detect, respond and mitigate to resolve your security issues.

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